Firmware for the U64 / U64E, version 1.28 – Dated: 2020-03-29

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Added features since 1.24:

  • Debug stream over Ethernet, which logs CPU / VIC access real time, also possible to log C64 CPU and 1541 CPU alongside. U64 only.
  • ACIA (MOS 6551) emulation
  • Modem Layer emulation (6551 <-> LAN), supporting both outbound and inbound connections
  • REU load / save commands from UCI, using the preload settings
  • File append mode for Software IEC.
  • Support for SuperGames cartridge

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #121: 1541C ROM seemed faulty. Track 0 sensor reconnected.
  • Issue #119: Fixed network host name illegal chars.
  • Issue #127: Fix for Epyx Fastload at boot U64 (consider DMA to stop discharging the cap.)
  • Fix for KCS cart at boot of U64
  • Fixed DMA load delay, to let 1541 initialize before running PRG
  • Fixed 1541 address decoding (RAMBOard was faulty!)
  • Fixed Closing telnet connection caused U64/U2+ to freeze.
  • Stability issues fixed in configuration manager.
  • Corrected NMI / IRQ routing for internal cart. (U64)
  • Timing corrections to make external 1764 REU work. (U64)
  • Some U64 factory test improvements. Invisible to you.

Planned work for the upcoming release:

  • CPU Speedup
  • Keystrokes to quickly enable / mute audio channels
  • A sample project for the ESP32, which can be used for others to port stuff like modem emulation.
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