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There’s been quite a lot going on in our Commodore 64/128 world over the last couple of years. The retro craze has reached us and there has been renewed interest in everything from the Internet’s precursor, the Commodore BBS scene, to new hardware production of Commodore compatible devices and the development of new applications and games. Marry that with current technologies such as telnet BBS’s, websites, social media, and people of all age groups and curiosities now have access to the entire world of Commodore.

We relaunched The Oasis BBS in May 2017 on its original hardware as a telnet BBS. Concurrently we launched a website to support the BBS and created a presence on the major social media platforms. Recently we moved to a new dedicated server and have added forums to help with the exchange of new ideas and answer questions.

Going forward we plan to produce more featured content in the future and that will appear in the form of long-form stories, videos as well as regular columns, reviews, etc. We’re looking for interested parties to join us and if you’re excited about 30-year-old hardware in the modern age and have a voice to contribute please reach out to us here.

The Foenix Is Sizzling

C256 Foenix Desktop

Here is the latest update on the desktop of the Foenix. Now the Text mode of the C256 Foenix includes colors, 16 For Foreground, and 16 for Background. All of those can be changed since they are part of a lookup table.

ZZap! 64 Annual 2019 Arriving

ZZap! 64 Annual 2019

The ZZap! 64 Annual 2019 has started to arrive if you pre-ordered. This is the first ZZap! 64 since the 1990s and it is chock full of game reviews, columns, and artwork for content that’s been created since ZZap! last issue. You can get your copy now by clicking here.

Commodore The Inside Story

Commodore the Inside Story Hard Back

Commodore The Inside Story by David Pleasance, former Managing Director of Commodore UK.

The Untold Tale Of A Computer Giant

There have been rumors about how Commodore – once a billion-dollar company at the cutting edge of computing technology – could go bankrupt.

In this book David Pleasance, former MD of Commodore UK gathers his personal stories and experiences from over twelve years at the company, along with viewpoints from other senior management and engineering employees, suppliers and fans of this former giant of home computing, to expose the naked truth.

This is the book that bares it all…

Hardback fully bound book with color photos and containing many NO HOLDS BARRED stories (all true) about David’s 12+ years career at Commodore:

  • June 1983 to 1990 at CBM UK LTD as Sales & Marketing Director
  • From 1990 – January 1992 Commodore Electronics Ltd Basle Switzerland General Manager – responsible for 37 countries.
  • January 1992 – December 1992 Commodore Inc. (USA Sales company) Vice President Consumer Products.
  • January 1993 – August 30th, 1995 Managing Director CBM UK Ltd.

The Untold Tale of a Computer Giant never before revealed true stories of how a huge corporation was mismanaged from Hero to Zero.

Get your copy now from AmigaKit’s store.

Reformation 2 by Matt Gray

Reformation 2 is the follow-up album to the highly successful Reformation Last Ninja 2 album. It features 25 full production remakes of classic C64 game soundtracks including Ocean Loader 1, International Karate, IK+, Trap, Green Beret Loader, The Wilderness and The Wastelands from Last Ninja, Delta, Master Of Magic, Stormlord, and more. Available to buy and download now at this link.

Soft Machine Demo by TRIAD

Soft Machine is the latest demo from the TRIAD group via the ChrisDarkTV channel on YouTube. If you’re into the demo scene you’ll want to take a look at the channel and TRIAD’s page for more content.

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