Hello and welcome back to this edition of the Tidbits. Last week was a big week for the Commodore and 8bit community overall with the passing of chiptune composer Ben Daglish. Life is short that’s for sure so make the most of it. Have a great week everyone!

Ben Daglish (July 1966 – October 2018)

Ben & Anthony, Team Ninja
Ben & Anthony, Team Ninja. Photo taken by Kristian Tjessem

Famouse SIDChip composer & muscian Ben Daglish passed away at age 52 after second fight with lung cancer. Read more about it here.

Our Favorite Ben Daglish Tune

I was fortunate enough to find this demo captured on Youtube. On my old floppy it’s called “Space Opera” so that’s what I’ve always called it, however in the recording above it’s called “The Space”. This is a fantastic little 10 minute demo that’s nothing but music and visuals. Ben really puts the SID chip through it’s paces. What’s your favorite Ben Daglish song?

Ultimate-64 Review from RetroGamerNation

While we wait for our Ultimate-64’s to arrive RetroGamerNation has created an excellent hardware overview of the device. Take a moment and see for yourself.

Hyperion Releases AmigaOS 3.1.4 For Classic 68k Amigas

AmigaOS 3.1.4

Hyperion Entertainment has released AmigaOS 3.1.4. This is the first classic 68k AmigaOS update in nearly 20 years. Originally intended as bug fix release only it has now modernized many of the system components previously updated in AmigaOS 3.9. Click here to read more about it here.

Commoflage English Edition #8 Is Out

Commoflage EE #8

The latest English Edition of Commoflage is now available. This months podcast covers puppets, strange keyboards and SID composing tricks. Click here to listen.

Kilobyte Magazine Releases Second Issue Of 2018

Kilobyte 2018 #2

The second issue of Kilobyte’s digital magazine for 2018 is now available. Kilobyte covers all 8bit computers and you’ll find something for all platforms within their pages. Click Here to read it.

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