I skipped a week last week while on vacation and have returned this week with a new batch of news. In addition we’ve also relaunched the Oasis BBS on our trusty old Lt Kernal Hard Drive setup from back in the day. Don’t forget to check the BBS out. You will need a terminal program that supports Commodore PETSCII graphics to use it such as CCGMS for the C64 or CGTERM for the PC. The Telnet Address is: oasisbbs.hopto.org:6400


Plaza Hotel, Las VegasThis years expo will be held August 11th – 12th 2018 at Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas.

For more information on Exhibits, Guests, Presentations, Accommodations and Gaming make sure you check out the ComVEx 2018 website to book your reservation.

The C256 Foenix Project

Designer Stefany Allaire has started work on a project she refers to as the long lost brother of the C64 and C128, the C256 Foenix. This may be similar to the rarely seen Commodore 65. Details of the schematics are starting to emerge of and a forthcoming Indiegogo campaign will be launching soon. Take a look at c256foenix.com for more information.

Two New Psytronik Software Releases

Rocky Memphis - The Legend Of AtlantisPsytronik Software had released Rocky Memphis – The Legend of Atlantis and Organism for the Commodore 64. Each game is priced at $4.99 USD and is available in a variety of formats (Collectors Edition, Digital Download, Cassette, Floppy, etc.)


Contiki BBS 0.3.0 Is Out

Contiki BBS 0.3.0Contiki BBS 0.3.0 is out right now and it comes with numerous bug-fixes, enhancements and a complete rewrite of the file i/o code. See the list below for a detailed overview of all the changes and additions:

  • Now runs on SD2IEC devices.
  • New, fully re-written file i/o (now uses SEQ files instead of REL files)
  • Multi-drive support: board and user files can be stored on different drives (e.g. 9 and 10)
  • No 6-lines-per-post limit anymore (message buffer size is now 4KB (~ 100 lines))
  • New message topic (subject) field
  • Messages can now be listed by ID and topic
  • Dynamic memory allocation of the message buffer
  • More logging (incl. disk i/o status)
  • Reworked bbs-setup program (you can now add and list boards)
  • Added neat color scheme

Project at sf.net: https://sourceforge.net/projects/contiki-bbs/
D64 image and SD2IEC installation ZIP: https://sourceforge.net/p/contiki-bbs/code/ci/master/tree/d64/
CSDB Entry: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=165608

Final Cartridge III+ Now Available

efrog5 Final Cartridge III+Final Cartridge III+ has been released by efrog5 Productions. The Final Cartridge III+ has the standard Freeze and Reset buttons of previous editions and adds over 60 new functions to your Commodore 64. The FC3+ also  comes with a graphical user interface with fast load and save capabilities.


Scene World Magazine #28

scene world 28 disk coverIssue #28 of Scene World Magazine is now available. This issue includes “Let’s Make a Game Tutorial Part 4” with exclusive game on Disk Side B, interviews with Dennis Pauler who works on a new strategic game for the Amiga, John Chowning who discovered FM synthesis, David Pleasance who was former Commodore UK CEO, and many more things! Click here to download your copy.

If you have news to submit for the Tidbits or any other feedback regarding the site or BBS send your inquiry to [email protected].


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