Welcome back to the latest edition of the Tidbits. We’ve been busy on this end working on the BBS and on some new original content for the site that we hope to have available soon. I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July here in the USA. Be careful and have a safe holiday!

RESET 64 #11 Is Out

RESET 64 Magazine #11The latest issue of RESET 64 magazine is now available for download in the D64 and PDF formats. Hard copies of the magazine are in the mail and will be available to everyone else shortly.

This issue features reviews from some of the of 2017 Game of the Year Awards, including Galencia, LuftrauserZ, Rescuing Orc, Planet Golf and Sam’s Journey. They also feature a special review of Knights of Bytes’ shooter, Metal Dust and much more.

Retro Gaming Times, Issue 15, July 2018Retrogaming Times Issue #15 Is Also Out

July’s edition of The Retrogaming Times has also been released and this issue includes new comprehensive unboxing and review of THE64 Mini. Click here to see the full review.


KC64WIFI 9600 Baud Modem

KC64WIFIThe KC64WIFI by CodingKoala Labs has launched a C64 userport modem with speeds up to 9600 baud based on a NodeMCU module with custom code to support hayes commands.

It includes a RESET switch that resets both C64 and NodeMCU and a power supply jumper to choose if power up the NodeMCU from C64 or from an external power supply connected to NodeMCU usb port. NodeMCU code is also upgradeable via USB link.

For purchasing information you can reach out to CodingKoala directly via [email protected].


VirtualC64 LogoWe have back to back updates on VirtualC64 again this edition. Here is what’s new in Version 2.1

  • Now passing VICE test openio/de00int and all tests in the irqdma test suite.
  • Fixed a bug in the implementation of the LSR command.
  • The floppy drive’s clocking logic has been improved. A couple of demos that did not work in the previous release can be loaded smoothly now.
  • Some minor GUI issues have been fixed.

Black Magic Cartridge In Stock

Black Magic CartridgeThe Shareware Plus website is reporting they have a limited quantity of Black Magic Cartridges by DDI in stock. The cartridge supports up to 320 disk based programs crammed on 4x 8 MBits 27c801 EPROM. They come with ROM Set #1 and are available for £79.95 plus postage while supplies last.


Commodore 64 Papercraft Project

COMMODORE 64 PAPERCRAFT V3Designer Rocky Bergen has faithfully recreated the Commodore 64, 1541 Disk Drive and 1702 Monitor as 3D papercraft pieces.

This is the third update of his Commodore 64 Papercraft series. This project consists of everything you will need to recreate the iconic image pictured above:

  • Commodore 64 Computer – Update, original light-coloured function keys
  • Commodore 1541 Hard Drive – Update, “active” power light
  • Commodore MPS 801 Printer – New!
  • Commodore VIC Modem – New!
  • “Net Sales” Screenplate – New!

They are free to download and you can get them here.

That’s all for this week. If you have news to submit for the Tidbits or any other feedback about the BBS or website send your inquires to [email protected].

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