Hello and welcome back! Summer is coming to an end. If you live on the east coast of the US it’s been a virtual monsoon season the last 6 or so weeks. My garden has definitely suffered from it to the point that I won’t be planting a fall garden this year. We’ve had so much rain I thought I saw a water buffalo out in the back yard. However I digress, we have a nice batch of news for you this week. Sit back and enjoy!

Commodore Fans Documentary In The Works

Retro Gamer Denny Pahlke of Germany is working on a Commodore 64 fan movie and you can be in it. Denny is going to be conducting interviews with fans all over the world via Skype and possibly other formats. There’s more to come on this as Denny is working on a video talking about the documentary itself, however if you’re interested on keeping up with Denny’s posts you can follow him on Twitter via @BeautifulPanda_.

Spritemate v1.08 Released

spritemate v1.08

The latest version of Spritemate has been released. Spritemate is a online Commodore 64 that works in your browser window.  Version 1.08 includes a BASIC 2.0 export feature, an improved user interface and is overall slimmer and faster previous editions. There has been a bunch of other tweaks as well which  you can try for yourself at http://www.spritemate.com.

Commodore4Ever Youtube Channel

Commodore4Ever YouTube

Our friend Commodore4Ever has started a Youtube Channel. You may already be familiar with C4ever as he runs a popular store front on Ebay and has a thriving Commodore computer business making custom ATOM replacement power supplies and repairs. In addition he runs the Color 64 BBS software just like yours truly. Currently he’s added some videos of an Amiga 1000 restoration and adding Jiffy DOS to a FSD-2 Excelerator drive. Go check his channel out and subscribe!



Commoflage has released English Episode #6 and it’s all about the score from the popular game Rambo: First Blood Part 2 game by Ocean Software. The chiptune score was created by Martin Galway who incorporated melodies from the film’s score. You can listen to this edition by clicking here. Honestly I had forgotten how good this song was.



The miniGANGCART is a new C64 utility cartridge that boasts the following features.

  • In one transparent case you get full SD2IEC with real Final III+ (Desktop 2.0) supported via Action Replay commands in 95% compatibility.
  • Supports fast loading and writing procedures for stations 1541, 1541C, OCEANIC 9900, 1541-II, 1570/1571 (in GCR1541 mode) and 1581, SD2IEC for the PAL / NTSC Commodore 64
  • miniGANGCART have 8Mbit EPROM with a lot of diagnostic tools and games.
  • There are (on this cartridge) a lot of tools for service your C64 (SX64), real disk drives (1541 or 1581) or games (include full ack games from Golden Cartridge 13 with additional games).
  • Professional case with additional stickers, cable for IEC and printed user manual.

Check out their site GangC64.com for availability.

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