Evie has been keeping busy updating the BackBit cartridge features and is working on some new hardware as well.

First off the latest BackBit firmware is now availabe. The version number is 2.4.8 and is a small update fixing the NMI contention error caused from the 2.4.7 release.


  • You can now¬† play GMOD 2 CRT games, i.e. BoxyMoxy. You can get it for free (or donation) here: https://brokenbytes.itch.io/boxymoxy.
    Note that EEPROM, i.e. saving is not supported (yet).
  • VIC 20 ADAPTER: Just plug your BackBit cartridge into the adapter, then into the VIC 20, and you have a fully functional BackBit for your VIC 20. More news on this soon.
  • GENESIS CONTROLLER ADAPTER: This adapter will allow you to do rapid fire, joystick switching with a touch of the START button, the legendary 2nd fire button from C64GS, and a 3rd fire button which triggers fire on the unselected joystick. This is currently in prototype phase.

Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available.

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