Hey Birt! – Design And Engineering Of A MOS8701 Replacement


From the video notes

In this video we take a look at the process of the designing and engineering for a MOS8701 clock chip replacement. Luckily, another YouTuber, Frank, IZ8DWF, had done a lot of the work and found a more modern clock generation chip that would work. Our task was finding a way to design a PCB that was small enough to fit into the C128 without modifying the C128 and that would ‘just work’ in an NTSC or PAL computer.

We cover the things that worked, the things that did not and how the problems were solved one by one. We also cover the building of the PCB and even show off the testing jig which was designed to make sure they work perfectly.

As it turned out needing to machine a fixture to put a ‘Z’ bend in the legs did not make this an easy project to do from scratch for many folks. I found a good deal on some of the clock chips though and decided to put together a kit, complete with ‘Z’ bent legs so everyone can build their own MOS8701/HB.

You can order a kit or a complete and tested unit from: https://www.soigeneris.com/mos8701-clock-generator-replacement-chip

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