Developer of Hoxs64 Emulator David Horrocks has updated the emulator to v1.1.0.9. This update adds a couple of bug fixes to what’s been a steady stream of new features in August of 2022.

August 22nd 2022 v1.1.0.9

  • Fix memory leak when loading a save state file.

August 21st 2022 v1.1.0.8

  • Save state file fix.

August 21st 2022 v1.1.0.6

  • Added Commodore 1750 REU 512K RAM expansion cartridge. REU option added to the
    autoload dialog. Added new command line -reu512k.
  • Keyboard assignment dialog fixes. Enable the delete key to clear key assignments.
  • Drive VIA fixes for VICE tests testprogs\drive\viavarious\via20.prg | via21.prg
  • Testbench mode fix to save the most recent frame PNG.
  • New debugger command to trace a number of system clocks.


  • Cycle based CPU, CIA, VIC and SID.
  • 1541 Disk drive.
  • Tape deck.
  • Full screen mode.
  • Configurable keyboard and joystick.
  • D64 G64 P64 FDI TAP PRG P00 T64 file support.

Cartridge support is as follows:
Commodore REU 1750 (512K)
Action Reply
Retro Reply
Easy Flash (1MB)
System 3
Magic Desk
Super Games
Fun Play
Simons Basic

Host PC Requirements

Windows 10 or Windows 7
DirectX 11.1
Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 runtime installation.
Intel or AMD 3 GHz (4.0 to 5.0 GHz recommended for some features.)
DirectX 11 graphics card with pixel shader 4.0.

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