Luigi Di Fraia has released v3.8.4 of his IECHost GUI Client. You can download it here.

This is a minor release for a few enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Do not suggest a disk might use tracks beyond 35 or be a 1571 disk if it’s unformatted
  • Allow shifting of more than 4 tracks for disks written by misaligned drives
  • Change defaults according to what the Transfer Team uses (simplifies submissions/cooperation)
  • Only attempt shifting of disks written by misaligned drives if there are “missing sync” errors
  • The option “Retry sectors once per pass” should also apply to dir track retries
  • Update the copyright date for 2020
  • Display a directory listing preview while the transmission of the listing is in progress
  • Replace the logic for guessing when a disk uses more than 35 tracks (based on t/s links)
  • Add an option to let users enable/disable the generation of MD5 digest files


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