Al DaRosa aka Bucko has released an updated version of his “Image BBS v3.0 On A Stick!” This latest release, dated May 25, 2024, includes all current program and feature updates for Image BBS v3.0. Bucko offers two versions of this download: one for Windows-based systems and another for Linux Debian-based systems.

The “BBS On A Stick!” makes it remarkably simple for anyone interested in running a Commodore Image BBS, or for those who want to quickly revisit their experiences from the past. The package includes a detailed and easy-to-follow installation guide, ensuring that users can set up the system with minimal hassle.

For further assistance, inquiries, or discussions about Image BBS, users are encouraged to visit the Image BBS Software Forum, where Bucko is actively engaged and ready to help.

There’s also a handy setup video you can use to get started.

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