The Meatloaf64 is a forthcoming device being developed by James Johnston. What is the Meatloaf64? The device is kind of like a Swiss army knife for your Commodore 64. First it’s a WiFi Modem and second it’s an IEC Serial Drive multi-device emulator. What’s a IEC Serial Drive multi-device emulator? I think the best way to explain that is to check out the video below to see it in action.

Key features of the Meatloaf64 will be:

  • WiFi modem for connecting to telnet BBSs
  • Can mount device’s flash file system via WebDAV to edit contents
  • IEC Bus interface for loading data directly from flash memory or via HTTP
  • Can be configured to emulate multiple IEC devices (IDs 4-30)
  • Each device’s configuration is switched out and persisted on access (hidden folder “.sys”)
  • Firmware can be updated via HTTP

There is still more to do however and the following is also planned

  • Standardize all Hayes Commands and add extended commands
  • Complete CBM DOS support
  • Extend CBM DOS with device specific features
  • Support all different CBM file, disk, tape, cart media image files from local flash file system
  • Add support for Fast Loaders & JiffyDOS
  • Port all code to ESP32 IDF
  • Add SD card interface
  • Add Cassette tape interface
  • Add virtual printer/plotter interface
  • Add ZoomFloppy/IECHost capabilities
  • Add .URL/.WEBLOC file support (change URL/DIR when loading them)
  • If image isn’t local, write saves to hidden folder “.save” (include hash of URL/PATH/IMAGE in filename)
  • Add web server for configuration and control (http root hidden folder “.www”)

While the device is not forsale yet, you can also build a beta version of your own if you’re comfortable doing this types of projects on your own. All you need components, schematics and firmware can be found on Jame’s GitHub page. You can find the link listed at the bottom of the article.

The Meatloaf64 will work with the C64, C128, VIC20 and +4 when it launches.

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