Jan Beta – Building A New Commodore 64 in 2020


Based on one of the now available replica PCBs, Jan sets out to build his own 2020 version of the Commodore 64 with as many brand-new parts as possible.

Parts and other info for the 2020 C64 build are available from the following:

Sixtyclone C64 Replica Boards

BOM/Parts Lists

Edu Arana’s C64 PCB Locator

Run Stop Re-Store Parts Kits:
Jan reports all parts needed are available in the complete kits from Martijn’s store, including diodes, inductors, rectifiers, transistors, etc. No need to salvage anything but the cartridge port shield (and that is optional even):

Component Video Enhancement/RF Modulator Replacement

8701 Clock Chip Replacement

PLAnkton PLA Replacement from Melon64
PLAnkton PLA Replacement from Amibay

NanoSwinSID SID replacement
Also available prebuilt from a variety of sources.

ARMSID SID Replacement

PixelWizard Commodore 64 Case

YouTube channels mentioned:
https://www.youtube.com/c/DanielRenner/ (_ C64 CUSTOMS _)

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