Jan Beta – ClearVideo64 – New Stripe Fix for the C64


In this episode Jan Beta Installing and testing ClearVideo64 in a Commodore 64C.

It’s a new version of the Stripe Fix / Luma Fix idea. The device is optimized for use with old-school CRT screens, it looks even better on a real tube monitor than on the LCD shown in the video.

The ClearVideo64 is available from Jaystonian’s Retro Shop on Etsy: JaystoniansRetroShop (or look for “jaystonian” on eBay). A version for the Commodore 128 is in the works, too.

bwack’s StripeFix: https://github.com/bwack/C64-Stripefix

The RetroTink2X used for upscaling is available here: https://www.retrotink.com

You can download the test pattern generator Jan Beta used here: https://app.box.com/s/1mqj7s3sb5d3lo8wkgz4308zndxswz75

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