The latest edition of Kernal64, version 1.5.2, has been released.

What’s new in 1.5.2 (May 30th 2019)

  • CIA major bug fixed that prevented ComaLand to work properly
  • Color memory now handles the most significant nibble as the last nibble written by VIC: dadb (openio) test now works properly.
  • Fixed sprite idle cycle read.
  • Now it’s possible to choose among 3 differente VIC palette
  • Fixed a veeery old bug about irq/nmi timings. The bug caused some irq stable interrupt handling to malfunctioning cause of an additional random cycle. In some demo the bug is visible when an unexpected flickering appears.
  • Normal Mode -> Warp Mode -> Normal Mode fixed. Fixed warp mode handling causing a delay to SID output. When resetting emulator or using warp mode and then normal mode SID emits output with a short initial delay.
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