The latest edition of Kilobyte Magazine has been launched today and it’s the 1st edtion to be published since Dec of 2018. Kilobyte Magazine is a fanzine for 8bit enthusiasts. It covers consoles, computers, handhelds and more, as well as new games for old systems. If you grew up with Commodore, Atari, Sinclair or Amstrad, this magazine is for you.

This edition has an excellent article on C65 Motherboard Repairs. Yes that’s’s correct, C65.

Theres an article on DeepSID which was devloped by Jens-Christian Huus. DeepSID is a modern online SID player for the High Voltage SID collection and more.

There’s also several C64 game reviews for games like Wolfling, Tenno and Digiloi.


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