Kung Fu Flash has recently released several firmware updates after almost a year. There were 3 updates in all. Check your version before updating.

  • Drive emulation: Allow files on the SD card to be opened as SEQ.
  • Simple text file reader. Thanks Sebby75, and Magician

It is now possible to open small text files from the launcher.
The following controls can be used in the reader:

<CRSR> or Joy: Page up/down
<HOME> or Fire left: Go to first page
<RETURN> or Fire: Exit text file reader

The reader supports text files up to ~64kB. Larger files will be truncated

  • Support generic cartridge ROM/BIN files.
  • Display an error message if there are problems communicating with the cartridge.

Note: Only generic C64/C128 cartridges are supported as ROM/BIN files. Other cartridge types must be loaded as a CRT file

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