This program can be used to generate Commodore 64 cartridges in Magic Desk format, with C64 programs that can be selected from menu:

Cartridge hardware can be found at Marko Šolajić’s Magic Desk compatible C64 cartridge page.

All C64 programs must be one-file in PRG format (first 2 bytes are the load address). Cartridge can be configured with CFG file (otherwise, defaults will be used).

Menu programs can be configured inside CFG file (more advanced option). They can also be configured just by placing prg files inside prg directory. In that case:

    • name of the file will be used as menu name.
    • you can make arbitrary order of files by placing N_ prefix, where N is a 1-3 digit number (prefix won’t be a part of the menu name). Additionally, if you want multiple menus, you need to use 3-digit prefix in the form XYY_, where X is a menu number (1-8), and YY is placing inside menu. Numbers do not have to be successive.
    • programs in prg directory can also have suffix _N or _0xH where N is decimal, and H is hex number, and if present, that number will be used as run address (suffix won’t be a part of the menu name).

For more information check out the developers page at the bottom of the article.

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