retroCombs: Making A Portable SX-64 With A Rapsberry Pi 400 And Vilros PiDOCK400


In this video, retroCombs builds a spiritual successor to the iconic Commodore SX-64. He will uses modern components and Combian 64 to create a present-day Commodore 64 laptop. Viewers are invited to join them as they explore the fusion of nostalgia and modern technology.

The main ingredients for this project include the Vilros PiDOCK400 and the Rapsberry Pi 400, a powerful single-board computer. To bring back the authentic Commodore experience, the creator uses Combian 64, an operating system that faithfully emulates the classic Commodore 64 environment.

Throughout the video, retroCombs guides viewers step-by-step through the assembly and configuration process, showcasing how to combine these modern components and create a truly retro computing experience. From connecting the Raspberry Pi 400 to the PiDOCK400 to configuring the Combian 64 operating system, heaven, and earth are moved.

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