Since my last update on the MEGA65 earlier in June this year they have been posting updates on the MEGA65 project almost daily. Here are the highlights.

  • Over the course of the month they have premiered the MEGA65 Revision 2.0 Motherboard and dealt with some issues with the Serial Monitor Interface.
  • The MEGA65 site has updated all of the photographs with larger more detailed photos oft he MEGA65, keyboard, case, motherboard, etc.
  • Programmed the Keyboard CPLD and integrated it with the R2 Motherboard
  • Worked on the MEGA65 Rs integrated SD Card interface.
  • Worked on the MEGA65 R2 Cartridge Port
  • Last but not least, have GEOS up and running on the MEGA65.

To read more on any of those topics, CLICK on over to the MEGA65 homepage.

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