If you’re looking for a board that is specifically designed to fit seamlessly into any MiniITX case, look no further. This board is not only compatible with standard ITX power supplies but also features an LED and button header that makes connecting necessary buttons and LEDs to your MiniITX case a breeze. With circuitry for the ITX power latch included, you can trust that the standard power button will function flawlessly. But what really sets this board apart is its 2MB of FastRAM – a significant improvement over previous versions – bringing the total onboard RAM of the Minimig up to 6MB. Additionally, thanks to enhancements in Verilog technology, this new board automatically configures its fast RAM in hardware. It has been put through rigorous testing with a variety of components such as TF030 accelerator, MC68000 and Pistorm so you can be confident it’s ready for whatever challenges come its way.

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