MiSTer FPGA Amiga Guide: How To Easily Setup MiniMig-AGA With WHDload To Play 1000s Of Amiga Games


From the master notes:

Have you been wanting your own Amiga, but want to be able to easily hook up to a modern flat screen LCD television? Perhaps you have been looking at the super powerful Amiga Vampire or other Amiga FPGAs but don’t have the money?

MiSTer MiniMig Amiga FPGA implementation sets up your Amiga as a 500/600/1000/1200/2000/4000/CD32/CDTV, and every OCS, ECS and AGA Amiga in-between! It’s truly an Amiga FPGA Super-Computer with outstanding specs, but also the ability to almost perfectly replicate tons of other machines too, without taking up all your budget and storage space.

Follow the MiSTer FPGA installation guide video first:

In this video we look at setting up the ROM files, adding the hard disk files (if you don’t have any, grab the ones full of WHDLoad games and software kindly shared by Pezz 82 in his video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhUsCgTI0o0) and we set up the shared MiSTer directory that allows you to more easily add files from FTP/Linux/Windows/Mac.

You can get the shared folder information and files from the Git repo:

… but for your convenience, I created a hard disk file that you can mount through the MiSTer drive selector:

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