Modern Sword of Fargoal Review


Youtube channel Cheeky Commodore Gamer has released an excellent video review of the classic C64 (and VIC-20) CRPG fantasy game Sword of Fargoal which was produced by EPYX games in 1983.

Your goal in this game was to retrieve the sword and escape the dungeon. Sounds easy enough however Sword of Fargoal was one of the first games to randomly create levels (dungeons) each time the game was reset. This means no game was the same as the last game giving the player an infinite number of dungeons to play with and also making the replayability of the game incredibly high. The only other game I can think of that did this was EA’s Adventure Construction Set, and good lord was that slow.

So sit back and enjoy the video. Let us know what your favorite C64 RPGs were in the comments.



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