Finally! Someone has done it! Someone has finally added PETSCII support to the mobile terminal program experience. Finally, I can call a Commodore BBS from my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. That someone is Molly Black and the software is called MuffinTerm!

I’m getting ahead of myself. Hey everyone, if you’re into Commodore 64 telnet BBSing and haven’t heard of MuffinTerm yet – get ready to be amazed! It’s got everything you need for a truly immersive experience: PETSCII and ANSI support (ATASCII coming soon!), an integrated BBS Directory, real CRT curvature, scanlines, warm tint, VIC-II luma bars, simulated modem speeds from 110 baud all the way up to 56,000 baud and file transfers using X/Y/Zmodem protocols. Plus – it can even use the Hayes AT command set so you can connect to telnet BBSes like using one of those cool WiFi modems. (ex: ).

If you enjoy being on a BBS, either as an old-timer or newbie, check out what MuffinTerm has to offer. This terminal app is the stuff of dreams for us diehard BBSers and it’s free. No ads, no in-app purchases, no weird tracking shenanigans. It’s just you and the soft glow of the pixels calling out to you. MuffinTerm is currently available in both the iOS/iPadOS and the Mac App Store. You can Don’t miss out on this one!

At the moment, there are no plans to port MuffinTerm to other platforms however the squeaky wheel gets the oil. If something’s busted or you’ve got an idea for a new feature, shoot them a line at: [email protected].