Developer Frank Eggen has released version 1.6 of his Multi-Speeder project for the Commodore 1541 floppy disk drive. The Multi-Speeder consists of an expansion board that is placed between the 6502 CPU. This board extends the working memory of the 1541 by 32 KB and provides eight 64 KB banks for DOS operating systems on the 1541. The expansion board is compatible with both the 1541-I and 1541-II versions. Additionally, Eggen has designed a version for the Oceanic OC-168 clone upon request.

The Multi-Speeder expansion board supports switchable operation with multiple DOS versions, including the original CBM-DOS 2.6, DolphinDos 2.0, SpeedDos 2.7+, SpeedDos Expert, JiffyDOS, and S-JiffyDOS. This enhancement allows users to benefit from increased memory and versatile operating system options, significantly improving the functionality and performance of the Commodore 1541 floppy disk drive.

For more information check out the Multi-Speeder Project GitHub page.

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