Multi-Speeder v1.7 For The 1541 and 1541-II


Developer Frank Eggen has released version 1.7 of his Multi-Speeder project for the Commodore 1541 and compatible floppy disk drives.

Frank’s Multi-Speeder project involves an expansion board installed between the 6502 CPU, which enhances the 1541’s working memory by 32 KB and provides eight 64 KB banks for DOS operating systems. The expansion board is compatible with both the 1541-I and 1541-II versions, with an additional version available for the Oceanic OC-168 clone upon request.

The multi-speeder expansion board supports various DOS versions, including CBM-DOS 2.6, DolphinDos 2.0, SpeedDos 2.7+, SpeedDos Expert, JiffyDOS, and S-JiffyDOS, which can be toggled as needed. The design accommodates different floppy speeders by addressing variations in ROM and RAM areas.

For more information, please visit the Multi-Speeder Project GitHub page.

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