MVG: Doom Didn’t Kill The Amiga… Wolfenstein 3D Did


Wolfenstein 3D, released by id Software in 1992, marked a significant shift in the landscape of video games. The era of 2D gaming gave way to the rise of texture-mapped 3D rendered games. However, the ray casting technology it employed posed a challenge for owners of Amiga computers, as the platform could not simply run Wolfenstein 3D. In many respects, Wolfenstein 3D can be viewed as a pivotal moment that influenced the fate of the Commodore Amiga, which ultimately filed for bankruptcy in 1994. In this episode of Modern Vintage Gamer, a closer examination is taken of the Amiga and its numerous FPS clones that endeavored to replicate the technology and success of Wolfenstein 3D, but ultimately contributed to the downfall of Commodore.

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