New 8-Bit Symphony Trailer


The upcoming 8-Bit Symphony has a new trailer out for your enjoyment.

8-Bit Symphony is the amazing 8-Bit experience at Hull City Hall on 15th June 2019. lovingly put together big-screen 8-bit stream of memories with a full, live symphony orchestra doing amazingly emotional and epic versions of tunes such as Monty on the Run, Green Beret, Ocean Loader, Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins and more.

It will take you on a emotional journey you didn’t know you needed, and there’s a stellar guest list of 8-bit and 16-bit celebs to boot, including Rob Hubbard (who is musical director), Paul Norman, and many more.

Paying special tribute to Ben Daglish (1966 – 2018) and Richard Joseph (1953 – 2007) Proudly supporting the charities SpecialEffect and Macmillan Cancer Support

For more information, Click Here.


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