Apollo Team proudly introduces the new V4-based Apollo FireBird (A500/A1000/A2000) and IceDrake (A1200) with unique values:

Based on the proven powerful V4 architecture
High Quality German production, software and support
High Volume production; we will clear the all waiting lists very quick!
All components are future-proof and available
High-performance 512MB DDR3 memory
Additional features:
– 16bit Audio
– 2x IDE port for CF and CD-ROM
– 100 MBit Ethernet
– USB Joypad support

C5  FPGA (V4) with twice the capacity of the C3 (V2)

Apollo Team is fully committed to support a highly requested feature for these new accelerator cards: output of the native Amiga screen modes over DIGITAL-VIDEO output. This will require substantial R&D and we will update you with progress when we have more details to share.

While we can disclose that the Apollo Team is already testing operational prototypes of the next-generation accelerators, the reality is that there is still development work to be done before they are ready for large scale commercial production. Fortunately, we can build on the high-quality production line already in place for the V4 cards in Germany, and thus guarantee rapid upscaling of manufacture when production gets underway in Q4 2021/Q1 2022. The Apollo FireBird will be available first, followed closely by Apollo IceDrake. A third card for A4000 is in planning.

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