• Digifix in MOS8580 emulation is now configurable. It can be set to few levels including inverse polarities.
  • Digifix is now controlled by external pin by default (as a real SID is). You can change it in config utility.
  • Digifix for MOS8580 is required for example in the Ghostbusters game, but most of the games, demos and music (especially new ones) do not expect Digifix and can produce some additional noise and hum.
  • Improved noise generation (test bit) from previous FW, no sound missing for example in the TestBit_4x.sid.
  • Fixed inner analog offsets in the MOS6581 emulation. Less distortion and no more clicks in some music.
  • A small fix in tone counters updates in the fast changes.
  • Faster release of the data bus after reading cycle.

The new firmware is easy to update directly in your C64 or C128 computer. You can download the updater from product pages in our e-shop or get more info and the update directly on NOBOMI pageĀ https://www.nobomi.cz/8bit/armsid/index_en.php

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