A company called Spider Lab has introduced a new C64 emulator for the Apple iPad platform. Here’s a posting about their C64 emulator.

C64 is an open source emulator for the 8 bit home computer Commodore 64. It is based on Vice, which provices accurate emulation of many hardware variants and peripherals.

It aims to approximate the feeling of using actual hardware:

    • Rather than configuring abstract settings, you select hardware components.
    • The software keyboard is a faccimile of the original, reflecting the different existing styles.
    • Even the noise of the disk drive is emulated.

The Library section offers a way to organize a large collection of games, demos and programs. The emulated hardware can be customized for each entry.

The Inbox provides a place to quickly try new programs. You can easily move the ones you want to keep to the library.

Tools mode allows attaching a cartridge like Action Replay or Final Cartridge and a collection of disks with your favorite tools, to help you dig into the programs, like back in the day.

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