New Fan Made Ghostbusters Game For The Commodore 64


For the past four decades, Ghostbusters enthusiasts have enjoyed a wide range of video games inspired by the beloved franchise, including versions of the first two movies and the animated series for the Commodore 64. Today brings exciting news: a fan-developed game set in the haunted Sedgewick Hotel in New York City has been released for the Commodore 64!

The game offers straightforward yet engaging gameplay. Players are tasked with capturing Slimer three times. They must use their Proton Pack to deplete Slimer’s health by hitting him with the proton stream to achieve this. Once weakened, Slimer will slow down and open his mouth, signaling the player to deploy a ghost trap. Players can capture fast-moving black ghosts for additional points and replenish their health by collecting randomly placed Twinkies.

This game, created by David Izon, first caught the public’s eye in 2021 when initial footage was shared online. The project was thought to be abandoned later that same year. However, Izon surprised fans by releasing a demo earlier this week. He acknowledged that the game is still a work in progress, stating, “It’s not polished, and I’m sure the fun factor will last all of 60 seconds, but I hope you like it for what it is.”

Despite its unfinished state, this latest version includes several new features not seen in earlier previews. Notably, it introduces additional floors of the Sedgewick Hotel, accessible by elevators after clearing each stage. The game also features an end screen that dramatically announces Gozer the Gozerian’s arrival and the resulting chaos, instead of the infamous “Conglaturation !!!” message from the NES game.

If you’re eager to try out David Izon’s Ghostbusters game, download the ROM file here!

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