Olimex recently made a big announcement in April 2023 with the launch of their Neo6502 Open Source Hardware Modern Retro Computer Project. And now, just two months later in June, they have unveiled their prototype boards. Pricing is forthcoming.

At first glance, you might underestimate the board size at only 80×55 mm. However, don’t be mistaken – this is a complete 6502 computer system that offers impressive features:

– HDMI output
– USB host for keyboard
– Audio output through a 3.5mm jack
– Small built-in speaker
– UEXT connector with +3.3V, GND, I2C, SPI, UART support
– 6502 BUS 40 pin connector that provides access to all 6502 signals!
RP2040 with 2MB Flash memory to handle software-defined peripherals and RAM

The availability of these boards for sale will depend on how quickly Olimex can develop the firmware for the RP2040 and W65C02. There are already individuals expressing interest in firmware development for both the RP2040 and W6502. In fact, work is currently underway for Neo6502 basic at:


Olimex founder Tsvetan Usunov writes “If you think you could contribute to this project you are welcome to join! Send me email to info at olimex dot com and tell me how you want to help.”

They have also launched a Facebook group for Neo6502 discussions at:



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