OSG: The 10 Best US Gold Amiga Games In Order Of Greatness


OSG is back with another Amiga video. Following the 20 Worst Full Price Amiga Games Ever Made video last week, it has become apparent that perhaps they’ve been a bit harsh on US Gold… but wait, no they haven’t. US Gold did churn out a load of garbage, so they deserve the insults they gave them. However, in this video, they want to highlight that amongst all that tripe, US Gold did actually publish some of the best games ever made on the Amiga.

In this video, viewers will see that any game that wasn’t an arcade port and was given time for development turned out to be a real cracker of a game. So, let’s see if US Gold can vindicate themselves slightly from memories of being one of the worst publishers for ripping people off. Viewers will likely be surprised at just how good some of the games they published were.

Viewers should sit back, relax, and watch the 10 best US Gold Amiga games ever made in order of greatness.

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