Pagoda Warrior 2 For The C64 Is Now Available For Download


Stefano Canali has released Pagoda Warrier 2 for the C64. The game has been entered as Entry #11 in the 2019 SEUCK (Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit) tournament. You can download it from the SEUCK 2019 page by clicking here.


Fight your way through 4 different Pagodas. Take down a criminal cult worshiping a flying snake. In this game you need to finally confront the criminal’s god in flesh (scales) and bones and vanquish this evil cult forever. To get to this unearthly foe, you need to pass through the building garden, sneak into the dungeons of the palace and then climb up through the offices and finally reach the roof, where you’ll face your long time enemy. Throw unlimited ninja stars at anything in sight, and rescue the good spirits that need your help. Good luck warrior!

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