An exceptionally rare piece of computing history, a Commodore C65 prototype from late 1991, recently surfaced on eBay and fetched an astonishing sum of approximately $38,696.11. Identified as a fully operational revision 5 Commodore C65 / DX64 / C90 prototype with serial number 71, this unit has captivated enthusiasts and collectors alike with its impeccable condition and profound historical significance.

Developed between 1989 and 1991 under the leadership of Fred Bowen at Commodore Business Machines, the Commodore 65 represented a significant advancement over its predecessor, the iconic Commodore 64, boasting features reminiscent of the renowned Amiga series. With only a scant few prototypes ever produced, the Commodore 65 has emerged as a highly sought-after item among collectors, particularly in functional condition, as operational examples are exceedingly rare.

What distinguishes this particular unit is its extraordinary scarcity and immaculate physical state. Notably, it showcases the last known Mainboard Revision 5, marking the final iteration before the official release in January 1992. Additionally, it retains the trapdoor on the bottom side, a detail of considerable significance for enthusiasts of Commodore history. The unit displays minimal signs of wear, devoid of discoloration, and features only minor scratches.

The motherboard, designated as REV. 5, houses the last known C65 ROM 911210 (December 1991), supplemented by an additional ROM version 911001. Furthermore, the disk drive functions flawlessly, having successfully formatted and copied multiple disks, with cross-checking performed alongside a 1581 drive to ensure optimal functionality.

As news of this remarkable sale spreads, it underscores the enduring fascination and value attributed to vintage computing artifacts. The transaction not only reflects the rarity and significance of the Commodore C65 prototype but also underscores the passionate community of collectors eager to preserve and celebrate computing history.

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