Brand new from DIY Chris, the Commodore 1581 Drive main board, revision 252326. This PCB is meticulously designed to match the original as closely as possible which makes this replica 100% compatible with the original 1581 case and drive assembly.

What More Do You Need?

Let’s say you order the 1581 replica board and you also pick all of the add-ons. This is enough to get started for most but there are still some things you need to complete the build. Its not much but since the parts I’m going to mention here are a little more difficult to source or too expensive for me to stock for resale, you’ll need to procure them yourself.

  • WD1770 or WD1772 – U4 – The floppy drive controller ( Can be found on eBay and AliExpress also used in 1571)
  • 8K x 8 SRAM – U3 – (Can be found on eBay and AliExpress)
  • MOS 8520A CIA – U5 – (Can be found on eBay and AliExpress also used in Amiga)
  • Power Switch – SW2 – The DPDT switch, same as in the C64 – (Can be found on eBay or from a non-working C64 or 1571)
  • Drive – Most 3 1/2 PC drives will work with some modification. I’ve been using the FD1231T NEC drive with success.
  • Power supply (same as 1541-II)
  • Serial Cable

DIY Chris also offers 3D Prints of the 1581 Case, 1581 Isolcation Shield, 1581 Drive Mount Assembly and 1581 Bottom Metal Bracket.

You can also download the 1581 ROM from Chris’s site.

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