Retro 101 Gamer: New Commodore Amiga A500++ In 2024


In Retro 101 Gamer’s final Assembly video of his A500++, he showcases the culmination of the project. He purchased the bare purple board in August 2022 and later obtained a non-repairable A500+ afflicted by Varta clock battery leakage, causing damage to numerous traces and sockets. This rendered it a suitable candidate for donor parts. The assembly process proved enjoyable and tailored to his specific preferences, resulting in a highly gratifying final product.

Parts included are:

  • Tindie A500++ purple board.
  • Mouser and eBay new parts except for ECS chipset, some connectors, clock IC + crystal and pot, ceramic 68K CPU with unnecessary Heatsink to trigger the critics, floppy drive, and a few other reused parts.
  • New Purple keyboard PCB with new caps, transistors, and resistors. Re-used the other bits from the donor.
  • SinteckUK keyboard membrane
  • A1200 .net keycaps
  • Wayne Joyce painted the A500+ case in a unique ‘one of a kind’ color.
  • The original lower RF shield was chopped down to just the rear connector plate.
    A500++ badge from badgeman
    Meanwell PSU refurb.

Amiga A500++ bucket list box ticked!

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