Retro Games Rediscovered: Unboxing and Reviewing the A600GS

A New Amiga Classic 68k Computer from AmigaKit


Join RustyIngles from Retro Games Rediscovered as he unboxes and reviews the A600GS, a brand-new game system and classic 68k computer by AmigaKit!

In this video, RustyIngles dives into the features, setup, and software of this fantastic device. He also shows how to add games to the A600GS and demonstrates some pre-installed applications. Perfect for retro gaming enthusiasts and Amiga fans alike, don’t miss this detailed look at the A600GS.

The A600GS is a new Games System and Classic 68K compatible computer, running AmiBench desktop environment.

Install and run your collection of AGA, ECS or OCS games and scene demos┬╣. Use the new 2024 updated versions of Final Writer, OctaMED and Personal Paint which are pre-installed, ready-to-run.


  • Games menu: add, edit & launch ADF games, scene demos and apps (OCS, ECS & AGA).
  • AmiBench: 1080p screenmode with 32-bit icon set. Run Classic 68k programs.
  • Dual 9-pin Joystick Ports: accepts Commodore compatible joysticks
  • HDMI 1080p output: plugs into HDMI television or monitor
  • Wireless Internet: connects to AmiSphere for system updates
  • Bluetooth: optionally output audio to Bluetooth speaker

Pre Installed Software:

  • AmiBench Release V46
  • Personal Paint (PPaint) V7.4
  • OctaMED V8
  • Directory Opus V4
  • Final Writer V7
  • JST
  • Utilities: EaglePlayer, HippoPlayer, Dock, Clock, Calendar

What’s Included?:

  • A600GS computer
  • A600GS USB joypad
  • USB C to A Power Cable ┬▓
  • micro HDMI to HDMI cable
  • 36-page colour User’s Guide
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