Retro Recipes Builds An All New Commodore 64 Without Commodore Parts


In this episode of Retro Recipes Perifractic builds a new modern Commodore 64 without Commodore parts. The challenge is not to only use non-Commodore parts but to also meet all of the criteria to make it a C64 such as the RS-232 port, Tape Drive Port, Serial Port and Cartridge slot.

Gathering components donated from a variety of sources Perifractic assembles his modern C64 with the following parts. First, the Ultimate64 board from Gideons Logic, a C64C Case from PixelWizard and a MechBoard64 from BreadBox64. To finalize the keyboard he uses BrixKey4 to key cap the keyboard.

Last but not least Perifractic reports that they are now 1/5 of the way to getting the Full Size working LEGO C64 mass produced by LEGO. If you would like to add your name to the list click here to do so.

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