The latest bi-monthly edition of the Retrogaming Times has arrived and as always there’s a section for the good ole Commodore 64.

The big feature article in this edition is a excellent story on Capcom USA. Capcom was created by the merging of two companys in 1985 and they’re responsible for quite a few Commodore 64 classics such as Commando and Ghost ‘n Goblins. The article covers a ton of Capcom C64 gaming history and defintely worth a look.

Additional articles include a review of the Namco Museum and forcast on the Intellivision Amico console that we may see in the future. There’s also an article on Nintendos NES Power Glove and an excellent piece of Shenmue III.

As always the regular columns appear along with Weekly Retrogaming Trivia Recap from the Retrogaming Times FB page.

Click the link at the bottom of the article to read the latest edition of Retrogaming Times.


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