In this issue:

  • The Karnak MFP810 Calculator
  • SEGA SATURN – a fantastic but misunderstood platform!
  • Commodore 264 Series◊OLIVETTI, when Italy was Silicon Valley
  • Olivetti PC128S
  • RetroLiPS project
  • Nobility of a humble flowchart
  • Introduction to Commodore C128 graphics – part 2
  • Turbo Rascal SE – A complete cross-platform framework for 8/16-bit development
  • ATARI – The origin of the myth◊Another World: a scary and magnificent journey
  • Road Hunter – TI99/4A◊ Wizard of Wor – Commodore 64
  • F-1 Spirit: the way to Formula-1 (MSX)
  • Turbo Sprint (Amiga AGA)
  • Saint Senya – Il mito [game preview] (PC/Android)
  • Phantom Gear (Sega MD)
  • Earthbound (SNES)◊ Battle Axe (PC/NG)
  • Sokko Seitokai: Sonic Council (Saturn)
  • Spearhead (C64)
  • Mutants from the Deep (MSX)
  • Jump Out (C64)
  • Light Force (C64)
  • You may play, but then you ought to break everything!

RetroMagazine World #8 is available now to download.

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