Seawolf II Released For C64


Seawolf is a classic Commodore game that was initially released in on a cartridge in 1982. It is often compared to traditional shoot ’em-up titles, but instead favors more competitive play with two players. The original arcade version of the game, Seawolf I, dates back as far as 1978. The 1982 release marks the port of 1978’s Seawolf II arcade title.

The gameplay of both installments is captivating and ahead of their time for their respective eras; for instance, Seawolf II enables dramatic color splits across borders. The single-player mode on this edition also adds unique elements that weren’t included in its original counterpart arcade edition.

Coding was completed by Oziphantom and the music and graphics were done by NM156. The game is available as a free download on the CSDb.

So what is added/changed?

  • Ugly sprite clipping in the borders was replaced with smooth scroll
  • Animated waves like in the arcade
  • Joystick/paddle selection
  • Removed flicker for software sprites
  • Added 3 more ships from the arcade (the C64 original had just 3)
  • Changed torpedoes to match those of the arcade (as far as technical limitations allowed…)
  • Updated sound effects
  • Added scores for ships
  • Player scores and high scores now have the color of the respective player
  • Proper graphics like the cruiser, PT boat, and player subs were kept, and the buoys or whatever they were, replaced and added sea mines from the arcade (though in the same size as the buoys to keep the c64 gameplay)
  • Animated the ships (not in the arcade)
  • Retrospective ambient soundscape added
  • One-player version for training or you don’t have someone else to play against

To Learn More and download the game click here.

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