The team behind the SIDBlaster-USB TicTac has recently posted some new information suggesting updates have been made to the SIDBlaster-USB TicTac. The following notice has appeared on their site

The SIDBlaster TicTac comprises premium “open-source” hardware for using a genuine “SID” sound chip for C64 emulation, playback of SID tunes and music production as a little box on the USB port of a personal computer.


SIDBlaster TicTac is based upon “SIDBlaster-USB“, and is 100% compatible with it.

The following improvements were made:

  • Good value universal current supply 9V or 12V
  • Original C64-audio wiring
  • Optional connection facility for two Paddles.
  • Switchable filter capacitors
  • Switchable capacitors for Paddle
  • Precisely fitting printed circuit board for assembly into a TicTac candy box
  • Audio-In
  • Professional 6,3mm mono audio jack sockets
  • Cozy blue power LED
  • (Rev.1.2:) red TX/RX-LED



Is the “driver” of the SIDBlaster, so to say. It comprises a reprogrammed DLL of the Hardsid, thus, software programmed for the Hardsid becomes compatible for the SIDBlaster. The source code is available on request.


The famous C64 emulator supports up to 3 SIDBlasters. In the simplest case, you now have a C64 with original sound. But you can also use the SIDBlaster with Vice64 as a MIDI expander, by activating the MIDI emulation, and load a synthesizer program like Station64.


Best SIDBlaster support, if you have several devices you can even play stereo and 3SID tunes.


Good SID player; suitable as a jukebox because of playlists


Tracker. Support still not perfect


A Max/MSP-extension to make a SID synthesizer available in Max/MSP or Max4Live. A VST is also available.

Cloando‘s C64 Forever

Also compatible. Just copy the hardsid.dll in the file of Vice. Then, enter”-sidenginemodel hardsid” in the option „custom parameters“.

JSIDPlay2 4.0

Full SIDBlaster support.

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