Solderless C64 HDMI Mod – LumaCode VIC-II-dizer


Experience flawless HDMI video output from your Commodore 64 effortlessly, without the need for any soldering or case alterations!

Links you will need.

The VIC-II-dizer, a compact modification board designed for the C64 home computer, offers a hassle-free installation process without requiring soldering. Simply place it between the VIC-II and its socket, and connect the output to the RF jack without any fuss. When paired with a compatible upscaler like the RGBtoHDMI, you’ll enjoy flawless HDMI output, delivering pixel-perfect visuals.

Beginning with revision 2 of the board, the FPGA possesses the capability to automatically detect all VIC-II variants, excluding the exceptionally rare and early 6567R56A. For this specific chip, specialized firmware must be flashed onto the modification board. However, for most cases, it functions seamlessly out of the box, even accommodating certain exotic 50Hz NTSC variants.

The board seamlessly fits into all C64 main board revisions, except for ASSY 250407. In such instances, you may need to incorporate an additional IC socket to accommodate the clearance of the trim potentiometer located adjacent to the VIC-II socket.

To learn more on the hardware and how to install the kit visit the VIC II dizer page.

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