Syntax 2023 Graphics Party


New graphics releases from C64 Party at Syntax 2023. you can find the graphics for this edition HERE.

Syntax is a small computer arts festival known as a “Demoparty”. These weekend events occur globally and bring together coders, musicians, graphic artists, and tech creatives to watch and often present works of art in digital form.

We also have fun competitions for pixelated graphics, animation, and chip music. Groups often work together to produce a “demo” – a real-time animation that combines code + art in creative ways. These demos run on computers new and old (eg. C64, early DOS, or 1980’s consoles), but there’s also a category for Arduino-style graphics displays, homebrew projects, and anything else you’ve created!

Most importantly – things are very relaxed, everyone is welcome and it is a wonderful place for people to geeks out about retro computers, talk graphics and pixel art, or talk music software/chipmusic/tracker tools. (sometimes with a few beers later in the evenings).

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