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Tenebra 2

Tenebra 2 Released

Similar to its prequel, Tenebra 2 is an atmospheric puzzle game with rogue-like elements. Guide the hapless protagonist to the exit, but also keep...

BastichB 64K – Robot Jet Action C64 Review

A rapid fire review for the recently released C64 game Robot Jet Action.

BastichB 64K – Pac-Man & The Commodore 64

BastichB 64K takes a look back at all 6 Pac-man games released on the C64 from 1983-1988 + a look at the arcade coin-op's...
Hired Sword 2 Box Front

Hired Sword 2 From Double Sided Games Now Avaialbe For Pre-Order

Hired Sword 2 is now open for pre-orders! Hired Sword 2 is a top down RPG that is clearly inspired by the classic Ultima...

Gamebase64 Collection v16 Released

A new version of the GamBase64 Collection is released. GameBase64 V16 has 26900 entries. There are 1137 new games, 480 updates to existing games, 217...