Friday, March 31, 2023

Tag: A500

Amiga Repairathon (10 x A500, A500+ boards PLUS A600) Part I

In this video, Wolfgang has received a box of Amiga Boards he purchased on eBay that he intends to repair. The content includes 8...

RMC – Amiga PiStorm

The PiStorm is coming! This Raspberry Pi based retro accelerator for the Commodore Amiga promises to deliver everything you could possibly want. Acceleration, SCSI...

Hey Birt! – Troubleshooting Vintage Computers 2 Diagnostics

In this episode of Hey Birt! he works on a C64 a C128 and an A500. This video is the second in series on troubleshooting...
A500/A1200 Kipper2K Replacement Keyboard

A500 / A1200 Kipper2K Replacement Keyboard Update

Jeff Yoder over at Amiga on the Lake has just posted the following blog update on the Kipper2K replacement keyboards for the Amiga 500...

10MARC – Installing The Romulator

In this episode Douglas provides step by step instructions for installing the Romulator in your Amiga 500. In addition there are also some instructions...
GadgetUK164 Commodore Amiga Vampire & CPU Relocator Pin

GadgetUK165 Amiga Vampire & CPU Relocator Pin Quick Fixes

GadgetUK165 covers some simple PIN repairs in this video with his Amiga Vampire card and also goes over some recent donations to his efforts.
Installing Boobip 2MB RAM Into Amiga 500 +

GadgetUK164 Installs a Boobip 2MB RAM Board into his Amiga A500+

GadgetUK164 is back again this week with a new video demonstrating the installation of a Boobip 2MB RAM Board into an Amiga 500 Plus...

Dan Wood Reviews The New 2019 Amiga Keyboard Keycaps

Following on from their hugely successful A1200 and A500 replacement cases, the team at bring us some stunning new Amiga keyboard replacement keycaps!...