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Checkmate Retro Styled Modular IPS Display For Old And New Systems

The Checkmate Modular IPS monitor has been making quite the splash in retro gaming news over the last couple of weeks. The throwback monitor...

RetroMagazine World #8 Avaialble

In this issue: The Karnak MFP810 Calculator SEGA SATURN – a fantastic but misunderstood platform! Commodore 264 Series◊OLIVETTI, when Italy was Silicon Valley Olivetti...

10MARC – Turbo Sprint for AGA Amiga’s Review

This week's edition of the 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast has a review of Turbo Sprint for AGA Amiga's by Graeme Cowie, AKA McGeezer....
Kilobyte Magazine Issue 1, 2020

Kilobyte Magazine 2020/1 Now Available

The first issue of Kilobyte Magazine for 2020 has arrived. Kilobyte Magazine is a fanzine for 8bit enthusiasts. It covers consoles, computers, handhelds and...

Programming An Atari Video Touch Pad For The Commodore 64

8-Bit Show & Tell attempts to make an Atari Video Touch Pad they he bought 36 years (It came with Star Raiders) work with...
Chopper Command

Chopper Command Arrives On The C64

Chopper Command is a 1982 release for the Atari VCS (aka Atari 2600) by a small four year old company created by a handful...