TheStuffMade – Retro Programming on the Commodore 64 – Episode 2 – Assembly Programming

Episode 2 covers: -Assembly programming and common patterns -Defining and using macros -How to use the debugger

TheStuffMade – Retro Programming on the Commodore 64 – Episode 1 – Getting Started

This is the first episode in a series from youtube creator 'TheStuffMade'. A lot of people, including myself, are stuck at home these days, so...
C256 Foenix

C256 Foenix March/April 2020 Update

From the March/April 2020 Newsletter C256 FMX (Status) Rev C4B: Pre-Order (Dlvry: June 2020) Rev C4A: Aug/Feb2020 Orders In Progress Rev C4A: May-July 2019 Orders Fulfilled C256 Foenix FMX Rev C4B...
C256 FMX

C256 Foenix Feburary 2020 Update

From the Feburary 2020 Newsletter Rev C4A is Shipping Rev C4A - Official Release The shipping of the early-birds has begun in early January 2020, after a...
C256 FMX R4

C256 Foenix December Update

From the November 2019 Newsletter C256 FMX Rev C4A will be shipping in December Rev C4A - Official Release November has been a short month for me...

GRay Defender Discusses C64 Character Modes, Redefine / Muti-Color / Extended Color

Follow along as GRay Defender covers in great detail how to redefine the Commodore 64 Character sets, turn on extended background color mode and...